Solving equations

Problem-solving strategy. If the equation has just one variable, one good way to start the solution is to move all terms containing the variable to the same side of the equation, then simplify that side and move terms with just numbers to the other side.

If there are multiple variables, first get one of the equations into the form v = <term>, then replace any occurrences of it using this equation. When that is done, solve it as an equation with a single variable.

Moving a term. The simplifier can detect that adding and subtracting the same term cancel each other out, so you can remove the last term on one side of an equation by adding or subtracting it from both sides and simplifying. You can start by selecting the term.

Working with your own problems. With the "general reasoning" menu you can enter your own algebra problems. Choose "consider" and enter your formula, using +, -, *, and / as the names for the basic arithmetic operators. If you want to enter "4 times x" be sure to write 4 * x and not 4x or 4 x. Also know that Prooftoys is still learning its algebra too! It is very limited in what it can do with fractions and rational functions, though it knows the bare facts. After entering your assumptions you will probably want to switch the menus back to algebra mode before starting to work.

Equations to solve